Bead Blasting

Elite Blasting and Coating offers a range of tailored, affordable bead blasting services to suit a variety of projects. We'll bring our service to you, using our mobile equipment to produce consistently superior results.

Read on to learn more about our abrasive blasting services, and whether the bead blasting technique is best suited for your project.

What is Bead Blasting?

ead blasting, otherwise known as abrasive blasting or sandblasting, uses blasting media and high-pressure air to prepare surfaces for painting or finishing. This type of abrasive blasting helps to improve the bonding ability of coatings and is a cost-effective, efficient alternative to chemical cleaning.

Typically used on hard surfaces, glass blasting can smooth, deburr, shape and blend the surface before painting or plating. As a highly effective media blasting process, bead blasting is considered one of the most capable surface preparation methods for removing rust, paint, mold, or other coatings. 

Elite Blasting and Coatings offers a variety of bead blasting services.

Types of Bead Blasting Media

The abrasive blasting process typically uses one of several blasting media: glass blasting media; white aluminum oxide media; and acrylic plastic bead media.

  • Glass Bead Abrasive Media - This media is ideal for creating a surface finish on aluminum, removing oxidation and lingering contaminants after degreasing. Glass bead blasting can also smooth out rough areas for a satiny finish. Glass bead blasting won't change a surface's dimensions and tends to offer the smoothest finish.

  • White Aluminum Oxide Media - Aluminum oxide is an abrasive blasting media that's delivered with high-pressure air, making it especially effective at stripping paint and preparing surfaces. It can be used on a variety of surfaces, including pressure plate and flywheel friction surfaces, stainless steel, cast iron, forged aluminum, pistons, valves, and much more. This type of abrasive blasting media can strip a surface of built-up powder coating and carbon or paint deposits. It's often used on surfaces that are being prepped for custom painting jobs.

  • Acrylic Plastic Bead Media - Finally, an alternative to blasting glass beads is acrylic plastic bead media. This type of blasting is used on surfaces that are particularly sensitive, as it strips effectively without damaging or affecting the surface dimensions of the object. As well as removing paint, plastic bead media can also be used to remove carbon deposits and oxidation. While blasting glass beads tends to produce a brighter finish, plastic bead blasting still delivers a good-looking end result and is a safer solution for materials with a more delicate surface.

Uses of Bead Blasting

This process is favored for its ability to provide a high-quality surface finish in a wide range of applications. It's ideal for surface preparation, and can be used for:

  • Paint stripping, removing surface deposits and stripping other coatings
  • Removing mold, rust, and other pollutants/contaminants
  • Producing a surface finish for plating or coating jobs; improving bonding ability of adhesives and coatings
  • Deburring & finishing a surface to the required smoothness

Benefits of Bead Blasting

  • Time-Saving Process - If you're looking for a method that will strip, smooth, and prepare a material as quickly as possible, this process is well worth considering. This process can prepare a material in a matter of minutes, producing a high-quality finish that would take hours to achieve by hand.

  • Multiple Options to Choose From - Depending on the nature of your surface and the outcome you wish to achieve, there will always be a blasting media that's right for you. Glass bead blasting is best for hard materials; aluminum oxide for metals; and plastic beads for delicate or sensitive parts. The blasting media used is available in numerous grit sizes, which can be tailored to your specific project.
  • Wide Range of Uses - The process of bead blasting can be used within a variety of industries, including medical, aerospace, military, automotive, and industrial. The method suits a variety of materials, from stainless steel to flooring materials, cabinets, and automobiles.

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