Graffiti Removal

Graffiti poses a major problem in the US. Regardless of the type of graffiti you're dealing with, having a stranger's artwork branded across your home or business can look unsightly, create the wrong impression, send your sales plummeting, and even affect your property value.

If you're looking for graffiti removal services, you know this already. You don't want to hear about why you should remove graffiti, but how. The team at Elite Blasting and Coatings can help.

Elite Blasting and Coatings offers a variety of graffiti removal services.

Fast and Affordable Graffiti Removal

There are many graffiti removal products on the market, but these DIY solutions are often ineffective and time-consuming to use. A much more effective, faster graffiti removal solution, which works on all paint or concrete-based surfaces, is abrasive blasting.

Elite Blasting and Coatings offers a highly superior means of graffiti removal using one of several types of blasting media.

Instantly Remove Graffiti - Using our premium mobile abrasive blasting equipment, we can offer instant graffiti removal services - no scrubbing, soaking or waiting required. We'll do the whole job for you, so you can focus on the tasks that really matter.

Eco-Friendly Materials - Our blasting materials are much kinder to the environment than the majority of graffiti removal products - and some are renewable, too. If you want to remove graffiti without harming your local area or putting your employees at risk, our blasting graffiti removal services are the way forward.


We offer a number of types of blasting media for removing graffiti. If you don't have a particular media in mind, that's fine - we'll recommend a service depending on your personal situation, including your property location, the surface material we'll be working on, and any other important information about your company.

The most popular blasting techniques we use for our graffiti removal services are:

Media Blasting

As one of the most effective time-saving methods of stripping a surface, media blasting uses pressurized air to propel fine media particles out of a blasting system. When these media particles come in contact with a surface, they lift away the coating that sits on top of the surface - in this case, graffiti.

Media blasting is ideal for removing graffiti indoors, especially if you're keen not to use chemical graffiti removal products within a confined or enclosed space.

There are various different types of media blasting materials available, including walnut shells and crushed glass. Our most popular media blasting option is Dustless Blasting, which is our go-to material for removing graffiti in sensitive areas or enclosed public places. Dustless blasting is capable of cutting through graffiti paint without producing too much debris or dust.

Soda Blasting

Soda blasting follows the same concept as media blasting but uses a lighter, gentler media: baking soda (or sodium bicarbonate), and compressed air.

If you need to remove graffiti from a delicate surface, soda blasting is our recommended service. Being both gentle and non-toxic, soda blasting is especially effective for the treatment of glass, thin metal or wood. You can get great results from using soda blasting on brick, too, as baking soda isn't powerful enough to affect the underlying material - essential for historic or listed buildings.

Bead Blasting

Finally, bead blasting uses glass or plastic beads to clean, smooth, deburr and produce a high-quality surface finish. Though we may consider bead blasting as an option for graffiti removal, especially on certain types of metal, it is the least likely to be used for this purpose.


Look no further, we are committed to delivering quality service. You will be able to see the difference with just one visit from our professionals. Get a free estimate!

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