Marine Restoration

Elite Blasting and Coatings specializes in marine restoration services, offering surface cleaning, paint removal, and preparation for damage repairs. We use environmentally friendly blasting media to restore your boat to like-new condition.

Our mobile hull cleaning service is a convenient means of boat restoration. We'll visit your storage location or local boatyard to carry out our restoration services on-site. Once we've completed the blasting process, your boat will be winterized and ready for repairs, painting, or storing on land until the next season.

Elite Blasting and Coatings offers a variety of marine restoration services.

Types of Marine Blasting Services

Preparing the hull of a boat for painting requires plenty of thought. Power-washing may not be effective enough to remove blisters, old paint, or bilge-oil film, while traditional sandblasting or chemical methods may be too harsh, and could damage your boat's gel coat.

Elite Blasting and Coatings is well versed in marine restoration. Our blasting materials are safe for use on fiberglass and aluminum boats, as well as on gel coatings. We use the following materials for boat restoration projects:

Soda Blasting

Working around water means it's crucial that our processes won't pose a risk to marine life. For this reason, we use sodium bicarbonate on the majority of our boat or yacht restoration projects. Baking soda isn't only environmentally friendly - it's also water-soluble, so it won't form surface pollution.

When working on boat restoration, it's also essential that the gel coat surface isn't damaged during the blasting process. Using sodium bicarbonate enables us to remove paint, barnacles, and other contaminants from your boat without affecting the surface beneath.

Soda blasting can also be used to remove anti-fouling paint. Its ability to expose hidden blisters makes it ideal for anyone looking to carry out a thorough boat restoration project that'll reduce the frequency of maintenance needed going forward.

Dustless Blasting

An additional process that we may consider for boast or yacht restoration is Dustless Blasting. This is another high-quality, environmentally friendly cleaning method that can remove virtually anything from any surface, without affecting its structural integrity.

This blasting process produces minimal dust and is ideal for stripping paint and rust from boats. With blasting media made from recycled glass, dustless blasting won't harm marine or plant life.

Preparing a Boat’s Hull with Elite Blasting and Coatings’ Marine Restoration

Our boat blasting services ensure proper hull preparation prior to applying a blister-protecting barrier coat. Preparing the surface of a boat for a barrier coat is essential if you're looking to ensure proper adhesion of antifoul coatings.

The procedure decreases the pressure of the blast pot, which enables gentle etching of the gel coat without causing damage to the hull. The barrier coat can then properly bond to the surface of the gel coat.

Need A Marine Sandblasting Company?

If you're looking for a professional marine blasting service for restoring or repairing your boat or yacht, choose Elite Blasting and Coatings.

Our safe, cost-effective boat restoration service can be tailored to suit the restoration of any marine vehicle. Our team of certified technicians has decades of industry experience, and with our equipment, training, and media, we can confidently tackle any marine project. Whether you're preparing for repairs, painting, or storage, we have the complete restoration solution for you.

Call us to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly technicians.


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