Commercial Sandblasting

Sandblasting, also known as abrasive blasting or grit blasting, offers an effective means of removing dirt, grime, rust, paint, and other difficult-to-clean contaminants from a surface. The process uses compressed air to propel a stream of abrasive particles - traditionally sand - at a high speed.

Elite Blasting and Coatings offers a variety of commercial sandblasting solutions for projects of all scopes. Our services are suitable for use on a number of commercial materials, including stone, brick, steel, concrete, and many more.

As a reliable, professional sandblasting company, Elite Blasting and Coatings can complete your project quickly and to the highest standard. We're a mobile company, bringing our services to you - and we have all the equipment needed to carry out a thorough job.

Elite Blasting and Coatings offers a variety of commercial sandblasting services.

Types of Commerical Sandblasting Services

Our cost-effective, environmentally friendly commercial sandblasting process is intended for a variety of applications. We work frequently with shopping malls, restaurants, grocery stores, car dealerships, and churches to provide an effective mobile sandblasting solution.

Some of our most in-demand abrasive blasting jobs focus on:

Cleaning Concrete

Sandblasting is ideal for cleaning concrete surfaces. Using abrasive particles, we can clear away grime, dirt, oil pillages, and any other common industrial contaminants. Our commercial sandblasting service can also be used for concrete exteriors.

Cleaning Tools

If you have commercial or industrial machinery that requires cleaning, one of the quickest means of getting the job done is to use sandblasting. The blasting process can effectively remove grime, rust, grease, and old paint. Sandblasting can also be used on small tools that are simply too difficult to clean using traditional washing methods.

Surface Preparation

If you're preparing for painting or coating a surface, you may require a perfectly clean surface to ensure the paint or coating can adhere to the material properly. Sandblasting is the most effective means of preparing a surface as it's capable of removing every speck of grime, immaculately cleaning a surface, and providing a texture that's ideal for industrial coatings and paint to adhere to.

Mold Remediation

Mold contamination is a big problem in many areas of the commercial industry. The sandblasting process is ideal for remediating mold, especially in places that are particularly difficult or awkward to reach. Sandblasting removes mold entirely and reduces the potential for mold regrowth.

Commercial Blasting Media

Our abrasive blasting equipment is designed to handle a broad range of commercial blasting media. When deciding on the best sandblasting services for you, we'll consider your project and your intended outcome, whether that's restoration, surface preparation, or a simpler cleaning job.

We customize the media we use to fit each individual client's needs, choosing from:

Dustless Blasting

Dustless Blasting, a form of media blasting, is one of the most environmentally friendly sandblasting services available for commercial use. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor projects, and its high performance and minimal dust or debris production make it ideal for use in public spaces.

Soda Blasting

Soda blasting, which uses sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and compressed air, is another suitable blasting process for indoor commercial projects. Soda blasting is gentle yet effective, making it best suited to mold remediation jobs or blasting historic commercial buildings.

Bead Blasting

Bead blasting uses plastic or glass beads to strip paint or clean surfaces. Our bead blasting service is particularly cost-effective, as the media can be reused for multiple cycles. Metal, rubber, glass, and plastic surfaces can be treated using this sandblasting service.

Common Maintenance Projects With Commercial Sandblasting

Sandblasting is suitable for more than just general commercial building restoration.

There are many commercial maintenance projects that can be resolved using abrasive blasting. These include removing paint stripes, deep cleaning kitchens, cleaning food processing equipment, and adding texture to concrete stairways and sidewalks. Whatever the project, Elite Blasting and Coatings has the skills and equipment to take it on.

Need A Commercial Sandblasting Company?

When choosing a sandblasting company, you need to know that you're handing the job over to an expert. The contractors at Elite Blasting and Coatings are trained to work within stringent safety guidelines, and we have several decades of industry experience between us.

We know what it takes to complete projects quickly and exceed your expectations with our quality of service. Call us to discuss your requirements and book our service today.


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